What to Consider When Choosing an Air Ambulance Service Company in Nairobi

There are many factors to consider when choosing an air ambulance company. Sometimes these important factors can be overlooked as it can be a stressful time. The key is to find a company that makes this an easy experience for you. Look for a company that can handle all the details for you.

Air ambulances are available in all sizes, from helicopters to large planes. You must determine the type and size of the aircraft the company uses. Some companies offer transportation as part of their service and there are other companies that you have to arrange yourself. Best maternity hospitals and gynaecologist in Nairobi, Kenya are just a call away to provide emergency ambulance services.

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The aircraft used is perhaps one of the most important factors. Factors to consider when selecting an aircraft type are patient condition, flight duration, number of passengers that can be carried on board, life support equipment on board, and experience of the flight crew and medical personnel. 

There are Air Ambulance Service companies that offer full service and act as porters for the entire experience, not neglecting any details, contact and work closely with your insurance company, provide transportation, in-flight meals, and only use jets they own and manage themselves. This is important because some companies may only act as intermediaries and charter the aircraft.  So, do your due diligence and you will find the right company to take care of you and one you can trust.