What Is Areola Repigmentation?

Areola Repigmentation is usually the final stage after reconstruction of the breast. Also known as micro-pigmentation, or "permanent makeup" it could also be used to hide a scar or enhance your nipples cosmetically. You can get the best service of areola repigmentation in Milwaukee online.

Areola Pigmentation (Tattooing) & Nipple Restoration Dubai

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For patients with breast cancer, this procedure can dramatically reduce the appearance of the surgery scars. The repigmentation of the areola's and nipples can be without their actually being a graphed areola and nipple.

It is also an excellent alternative for women who aren't happy with the color and size of the natural nipple as well as the areola region. Breastfeeding mothers may suffer from discoloration that could be very easily spotted.

Breast Surgery can be a major problem that anyone has to face, especially following cancer. This is especially true for women since women's self-esteem can be dependent on the look of their breasts.

An absence of an areola is emotionally devastating. What do you do if you don't feel "complete" even without one? Areola scarring can cause anxiety?

After breast surgery, areola tattooing adds the "finishing touch." Patients say the areola tattooing treatment helps them look "whole" and "normal" again during the last stages of their recovery. Breast cancer can be survived after a mastectomy, and breast reconstruction can help you restore your shape.