What is a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer who represents people who have been accused of a crime. They may be called to represent someone in court, or they may work with the person to try to get them a lower sentence.

The lawyer may also be able to get some of the charges dropped so that they don't apply to the person they represent. Lawyers call a criminal defense lawyerif they are representing someone in court at all.

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What is forensics? Forensic specialists in the legal field are scientists who specialize in interpreting and applying evidence, such as fingerprints or DNA. They examine cases and help solve crimes by providing expert opinions on how a crime was carried out, where it happened, and what it might have been used for.

Forensic specialists often work with law enforcement by identifying witnesses and gathering evidence of crimes. They may also be involved in distinguishing between different kinds of evidence at crime scenes. There are many types of forensic experts, including medical doctors and lawyers who can interpret mental health records.

How do you get into forensics? To become a forensic specialists, students should have an interest in crime and a passion for learning about different approaches to solving problems through scientific investigation. 

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