Tips for Making Fantastic Whiteboard Animation Videos

Have you ever seen videos that look as if someone is drawing a story on the board while explaining something? This style of this video is called "whiteboard animation", and if you don't know their potential, then you are on the way! The whiteboard animated videos are the pieces that mimic the artist's drawing on the board in front of the camera.

At first, people actually used the board and original markers, but today it is usually done using incredible whiteboard video, which makes the process cleaner and more efficient. Take a few minutes and read the tips below. Your video will be much stronger because of it!

1. Never start without scripts

The first step in the creation of animated objects is writing scripts. The script is any video's backbone, and it will make all the next steps (storyboard, illustration, animation …) much easier.

Your script must have a solid structure (a beginning, a middle, and an end) and the information should be distributed in a strategic way.

A good rule of thumb is to assign the three basic parts of the narrative to cover the questions what, how and why.

What: Tell your audience what specific problem your product solves.

How: Describe how it solves it.

Why: Explain why your product is the best alternative in the market.

2. Then comes the storyboard

After you’ve finished with your script, it’s time to start creating your storyboard. A storyboard should show all the essential scenes of your video so that the process gets easier for illustrators, animators, voice-over artists (and basically everyone else involved in the project).

3. Remember the three hallmarks of a whiteboard video

The magic of whiteboard animation videos is created by combining its three main elements: the whiteboard, a continuous drawing, and the drawing hand.