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Things No One Tells You When Choosing A Financial Advisor

We all have mentors in our lives. Our parents. Our friends. Other people who are important to us. The people who answered our questions revealed the secrets of life and ultimately steered us on the path to success. 

Finance mentors are pennies and can be found everywhere. Listen to this now. Just because they tell you they are a financial advisor doesn't make them. Anyone can tell that they are a mentor. Or consultant. 

In the past, financial mentors had to have solid experience in their field before they could get shingles. Thanks to the Internet, all you have to do today is put the word consultant behind your name and boom! Instant advisor in a box. 

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Choose the right financial mentor for you:- You may have determined that the advisor advising the Fortune 500 CEO in the building next door to you may not be the mentor for you. This finance guy is set up to deal with people in an investment league so different from yours that there won't be an experience that will best suit your financial needs.

You need someone by your side who has the desire, ability and experience with people like you, people starting their careers, who need a strong hand to guide them – the strong hand of someone who has walked this path himself. . A consultant who can give you more than book theory on how to get to what you want in 35 or 40 years.