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All about Specialty Physical Therapy Services

The broad scope of physical therapy includes a variety of services that touch all areas of the body. Physical therapists play a vital role in helping athletes and patients heal from injuries and surgeries. 

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There are many conditions that require special services to reduce pain and improve range of motion, such as complex lymphedema treatment and balance and vestibular rehab, custom orthotics, and custom orthotics. 

If you're looking for treatment for a special or rare condition, ensure that the physical therapist is qualified to provide such services.

Around 40% of those over 40 experience dizziness or loss of balance. This condition may be short-term but can become more frequent if it is not treated properly. It could also be caused by vertigo or other balance disorders. 

Balance problems can be dangerous, especially for elderly people. They are the leading cause of serious injuries and even fatalities. To help patients with balance problems and dizziness, a physical therapist who is trained in vestibular rehabilitation and balance will use a variety of techniques such as positional maneuvers and oculomotor exercises. 

People who have suffered a stroke, head injury, or concussion can also experience dizziness. Vestibular rehabilitation may be able to help with this condition.

A wide variety of painful and debilitating conditions can affect your feet, including plantar fasciitis and misalignment. Many physical therapists offer specialty services that include custom orthotics. 

This involves taking a plaster cast for both feet and having a lab make custom orthotics. These are worn in shoes or sneakers to control motion and improve biomechanical alignment. The service is not available at every physical therapy clinic, so make sure to contact them ahead of time.

Physical Therapy For Lower Back Pain In Catonsville

Lower back pain is the most common type of pain that affects middle and young people between 25 and 55 of age. 80% of the population suffers from back pain throughout their life.

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Physical therapy is a technique that treats conditions that cause pain through physical maneuvers. It is very helpful and an excellent choice in many situations as it does not require surgery or medical intervention and patients can experience significant relief from their pain.

In general, the goals of this therapy are to reduce the level of back pain, improve functionality, and practice a treatment program to stop further recurrences.

Physical therapy offers many benefits for lower back pain. This increases the speed of healing and also relieves pain. The treatment should last several days for the best results.

Lower back physical therapy is the best way to treat back pain without the chemical risks that can be created from the use of drugs, and without surgery and interventions.

Before starting physical therapy for back pain, it is a good idea to consult a doctor who will examine and determine the true nature of the problem at hand. It can provide you with useful suggestions for pain relief. Physical therapy advice is usually given by your health care professional.