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What Are Natural Menstrual Products?

Natural menstrual products are non-disposable products that do not contain a mixture of synthetic chemicals like most commercial menstrual products do. Inorganic non-disposable products are relatively new, and before the 20th century, all menstrual products were natural products. 

Modern alternatives to standard cloth pads, panty liners, and tampons include:

Cloth pads: Cloth pads are one of the most comfortable alternatives to traditional dressings. These cloth pads are made of breathable fabrics and are much more comfortable than disposable pads.

cotton sanitary pads

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They are equally absorbent and some of them even have waterproof cushions, which makes them really resistant.

Washable Pads  – The pads can be "all in one" or in two pieces. The pads can be patterned or smooth, but patterned ones are usually not organic. Paint pads are used for the lighter days at the beginning and at the end of the period.

Pads with belts – For night use and for periods of very vigorous flow, for example, after childbirth. The increased thickness of the washable material can be included.

Menstrual cup – inserted into the area to collect menstrual blood. Some are disposable cups, but we would of course recommend reusable cups. They can be made of natural rubber or silicone.

Cloth pads and panty liners, menstrual cups, and sponges don't contain bleach, irritants, and chemicals, so they're much better for you.