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Some Basic Things About Oktoberfest In Kitchener

Oktoberfest is often associated with beer, but festival traditions are much more than that. While the beer tents naturally provide drinks, they only play traditional Bavarian music. 

The original six Munich breweries still supply the beer. You can also catch people in traditional Bavarian clothes, dirndl, and lederhosen. You can also get more information about the oktoberfest in Kitchener through the web.

Before Oktoberfest

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Oktoberfest Opening

Since 1950, Oktoberfest has begun on Saturday afternoons in the second half of September with a hearing ceremony for the first barrels. This is traditionally done by the Mayor of Munich (now Dieter Reiter) in the oldest festival tent – the Schottenhammel tent. 

Family day

If you want to visit the many Oktoberfest attractions with the kids, the best day to do so is Tuesday, which is traditionally the day of the family festival. Most of the sightseeing and attractions are available for half the regular price.

Oktoberfest is synonymous with beer, but the biggest festival in the world is more than just the yellow nectar festival. With around six million visitors a year, this two-week festival offers plenty of food, exciting night market attractions, and lots of Bavarian costumes.


Oktoberfest opens with a spectacular parade. Brass bands and brewery staff march through town in traditional Bavarian outfits – lederhosen and a dirndl – playing folk songs and pouring beer.


Fortunately, Bavarians take their food as seriously as drinking beer. Grilled chicken (grilled chicken) is available at all festival booths – nothing beats crispy skin – and order the Kaiserschmarrn, a thick, creamy pancake with applesauce, for dessert.