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Learn About Natural Skincare Products That Contain the Correct Ingredients

Some natural skincare products are just a waste of money. Others can reduce wrinkles, prevent dryness and greasiness, reduce inflammation and redness, prevent free radical damage, and promote skin health.

One ingredient that does not provide benefits is hyaluronic acid. While hyaluronic acid is one of the most important compounds in the skin, applying animal variants directly to the surface is of no benefit. The molecule is too big to penetrate. If you want to know more about the natural skincare ingredients good for your skin then you can follow us now.

Collagen is another naturally occurring compound that cannot penetrate. Companies have started including the ingredient in creams and lotions because collagen levels in the skin decrease with age.

However, it is not possible to increase the collagen levels in the skin by applying it directly. Collagen protein is denatured. If it can penetrate the skin cells, the cells cannot use it.

The same is true for other denatured proteins, including elastin and keratin. There is one type of keratin that is not denatured. They call it functional keratin. It is functional because skin cells can use it.

Natural skincare products with functional keratin have been shown to improve skin firmness and elasticity as well as its moisture content and moisture storage capacity.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces redness from rosacea and improves conditions from acne to eczema. Functional keratin seems to be the only ingredient we need. However, it must be combined with nutritious vegetable oils and antioxidants to be effective.