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A Guide To Duress Alarms: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Threats today evolve over time. A wireless society means more workers do their jobs remotely, while incidents of violence and terrorism are on the rise. It is a challenge to keep track of who is where what they are doing and when workers could be at risk. In response to this trend, forced alarm systems have been developed to help companies monitor their employees, check on their well-being, and enable employees to call for help when needed. 

What is a threat alert?

A forced alarm is a wireless mobile device system that keeps employees in touch with other employees. To be effective, enforced alarms have to be simple. The reason behind this is that people in stressful conditions normally don't have time to pause and reconsider their way through a complex set of steps. While there are several types of intruder & duress alarm systems available in the market for the safety of the premises.

Considerations Of Duress Alarm Standards Security Electronics and Networks

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What type of alarm can you choose for Duress?

The simplest forced alarm systems to include an emergency call function, usually a button that is easy to find and use. Some also have a two-way paging button so workers in the factory can log in and the factory can search for individual workers. Another function to consider is the “Man Down” and “No Response” alerts. 

The dead man signal alerts the control center when a worker is unconscious, unconscious, or unable to act and cannot call for help. The no response alert will ping the single worker and notify the base if the worker does not respond within the specified time. Both functions allow the system to check for worker safety, even if the worker is unable to react.