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All About Somatic Psychotherapy Techniques

Somatic techniques are used when a person has difficulty controlling the tension and discomfort in their muscles. It is the result of memory or traumatic experience being consciously suppressed and forgotten – although the subconscious still has to process the experience.

The methodology can be applied through mindfulness and breathing techniques that allow the individual to control muscle groups. The counselor teaches the client to relax in a stretched position. You can get the best somatic psychotherapy from various web sources.

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By focusing on the muscles and breathing, certain areas of the body will immediately relax. This is explained in detail during the session and the breathing test. After the client learns the technique, he will repeat it as long as the muscles continue to relax and tense.

The therapist's role is to support and focus on progress towards awareness. When the counselor provides feedback, he or she refines their technique and allows the patient to use it effectively.

During the treatment, the person will feel their senses, which also show physical manifestations. Signals that acknowledge discomfort also tell the client that something is wrong between the conscious and the subconscious.

Once the patient is aware of these signals, he can use the techniques he has learned to work on the connection between mind and body. 

Mindfulness can also lead to success in relationships and other situations that require a calm state of mind. Once the patient has mastered the muscles, he has learned the method and can overcome the trauma.