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Solution-Oriented Virtual CFOs

If you are an entrepreneur or CEO who has decided to hire a virtual CFO as a consultant, it is important to choose one that is solution-oriented rather than problem-oriented. The former will help your company to remain flexible and adaptable to changes; the latter will annoy and exhaust you.

Solution-based interim CFOs offer more opportunities and are simply easier to work with. They are not trying to tell you all the things your company is doing wrong; Instead, they focus on what your company can do and what it already makes appropriate. Really, it's all about attitude and focus.

The best Virtual CFO focuses on empowerment; after all, it's your business. You, your professional staff members, and your colleagues should feel as confident as possible that your virtual CFO is working for and with you and that you can talk to him or her at any time on any subject without fear or discomfort.

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A virtual CFO sometimes has to play the role of supervisor, that's the nature of the job, especially if you have to work within compliance laws. And sometimes you will clash with the suggestions made by your CFO. However, crashing does not necessarily equate to undue stress or annoyance.

If the relationship between an interim CFO and the client is handled correctly and positively, both will benefit from the partnership. Choose your virtual CFO wisely. Find one with the training you need and the perspective you deserve. It will make your work life smoother and hopefully more profitable.