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Reasons to Take a Tap Dance Lesson

Are you considering taking your first tap dance lesson? These are just a few of the many reasons you should stop procrastinating about learning tap dance.

  • You can lose weight in a tap dance lessons. Tap dancing can be described as aerobic. Executing the movements and sounds in tune with the music takes concentration and energy. Let's face facts, the legs aren't the lightest parts of the body. In fact, they often weigh the most.

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  • Tap Dance Lessons Develop Balance. Tap dancing has helped me maintain and regain my balance. One of the most important things to do when you start classes is to balance on your feet. This is difficult at first but you will soon notice a difference in your balance.
  • Tap Dance Lessons Teach Rhythm. This skill is very useful for both dancers and musicians as well as athletes. Tap dancing has been a popular way for famous boxers to improve their timing and coordination. The same can be said for many musicians…particularly drummers. Many tap dancers can also be skilled drummers.
  • Tap Dance Lessons = Dancing + Making Music. This is what I love about tap. You are dependent on an external source of music for most dance forms. Tap is a combination of visual and auditory elements. Tap allows you to take musical ideas from your head and use your feet to communicate them.
  • Tap Dancing Is All About Expression. Tap and all other forms of dance are true. Dancing is a way to express yourself. Sometimes you can express yourself with dance steps or combinations that are difficult to communicate with words.