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Ghost In The Shell Beloved In Japan

Ghost in the Shell brought more than three million in Japan within its initial three days in theaters, a low amount that appears impressive when compared to the U.S. gross during the same time.

Japanese viewers have enjoyed the film despite the primary criticism stemming due to its predominantly white take on a traditional Japanese film. The Ghost in the Shell Overseas Reaction of viewers is always amazing which makes it so popular.

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Yahoo Japan's review site for movies has the film listed with an acceptable 3.56 user rating, much higher than the one for the original animated. The Hollywood Reporter also spoke with local moviegoers with mostly positive reviews for this Ghost in the Shell remake. The film's visuals received praise as well as Scarlett Johansson's performance and the overall approach to the classic source material.

One particular comment made an impression. THR spoke with one of the fans, named Yuki who felt that the film would be better with a woman of white descent as the main character, instead of a Japanese one as the film had intended.

Mamoru Oshii was the director of Mamoru Oshii's animation Ghost in the Shell, which takes place in a futuristic-looking model of Tokyo and has an overwhelmingly Japanese group of characters. When asked earlier this month if Oshii was also dissatisfied by the fact that Hollywood placed American actress Scarlett Johansson front-and-center instead of an actress who is of Asian ethnicity, Oshii shook his head.