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Treatment Options for Fat Pad Atrophy in the Foot

There are many different reasons for pain and discomfort beneath the foot and that can often be quite a job for the experts to diagnose what it is. One of those things that is not really very prevalent is an atrophy of the fat pad that is meant to cushion along with protect the feet. This fat pad safeguards the bones as well as other tissues beneath the foot. This will especially be real and important in athletes who take part in sporting activities which have a lot of hard impacts with the ground such as running. During running they actually do get the additional stability of a running shoe to support the feet and lesson the impacts. The leading signs and symptoms of this condition are generally relatively vague and not diagnostic, so often the expert clinician has to exclude other concerns and do away with those as being the reason for the signs and symptoms to leave the atrophy of the fat pad as being the reason for the problem. The most prevalent manifestation is just a unexplained discomfort beneath the ball or heel of the foot, which is even worse when standing and in many cases even worse if carrying out high-impact activities. It is not only painful under the foot, this reduction in cushioning could have affects higher in the system.

The explanation for this atrophy or wasting away with the fat pad is not very clear. It will become a bit thinner as people grow older, so it is a natural part of aging. Generally in most this isn't a concern unless the atrophy will be substantial or activity amounts are generally large. It just appears that as your body age some waste at a quicker rate than the others and the cause for that is not clear.

After the atrophy of the fat pad is identified as being the reason for the pain the most beneficial treatment is to place some cushioned padding underneath the foot inside the shoe. The hardness with this padding has to be similar to the denseness of what the fat pad would be in order to do its protection adequately. Should it be way too soft, then it will undoubtedly flatten beneath the foot and do nothing. Should it be way too hard, this can certainly make virtually no improvement for the pain. All too often the cushioned heel pads are far too soft. A soft pad will probably feel great when you stick it using your fingers, but in the event that the fingers will compress the pad, then bodyweight will also likely to flatten it and do nothing at all. Most of these cushioned heel pads are often very successful when you get the right one.

Another choice has been body fat grafting. This is a surgery treatment which involves taking fat cells as well as tissue out of another area of the body and inserting them underneath the heel and ball of the foot. While this surgery is mostly beneficial it's not something that is performed often as there is a surgical risk using any surgery and the option of the cushioned heel pads will likely be more than beneficial, therefore the use of surgical grafting of body fat is only going to be used in the most significant cases.