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Take Your Portable Infrared Sauna on Holidays in the UK

Have you ever thought of packing a portable infrared sauna on holidays with you. It works well at the cottage. Very mobile, a portable infrared sauna just folds up and you can easily fit it in your car. 

There are some styles that are more like a sauna blanket as well. You can refer to smomar.co.uk/products/infrared-sauna-blanket to buy high-quality far infrared sauna blankets in the UK. It makes for a very relaxing vacation.

far infrared sauna blanket

An infrared sauna will heat up much quicker while using 90% less energy. When infrared rays hit your skin, they transfer heat energy which penetrates deeply into the body to heal and stimulate tissues. 

This heat produces perspiration that cleanses the cells and pores, providing an effective therapy for many health issues. An infrared sauna provides a more penetrating and intense heat which makes you sweat 2-3 times more than a traditional sauna.

Some of the health benefits of an infrared sauna include:

  • Reduces tension – after a day outdoors your infrared sauna helps in mentally and physically relieving the body of tension and stress. Even more important it is also effective in treating joint pain, muscle cramps and general body pains. You will feel better, relaxed and ready to face another day outdoors.

  • Detoxification – another benefit is that after some relaxing in the sauna you will be sweating which cleanses the skin and sweat glands. This excessive sweating increases the capacity of detoxification of the skin by opening pores and impurities of body wash which are then removed by the sweat. This can include harmful chemicals, metals, and toxins such as sodium, nicotine, alcohol, and hydrocarbon residues

Next time you head to the cottage or an outdoors holiday take along a portable infrared sauna for a more relaxing time.