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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Electric Blankets

Electric blankets as the name implies are the blankets that make use of electricity for heating internally. These blankets are made up of cotton and fleece. Coming to its working principle, the heating wires inside the blanket get heated when they are connected to the electric cord which is then connected to the power outlet. You can control the temperature inside the blanket using the settings knob provided with the blanket. More about the blankets can be read from best electric blanket consumer reports.

Apart from being comfortable and cozy, the electric blankets are energy efficient as well. So, instead of wasting money on the central heating of your house, you can set the warmth level inside the blanket and thus save the energy cost. Before buying the electric blanket, you should know the benefits and safety measures involved with it.

First of all, you need to buy the correct size of a blanket according to the bedding size. If the size of the blanket is too large, then it may get stuck in between walls and the electric wires inside it may get damaged. Electric blankets have different washing instructions. You must go through the instructions before buying it. Not all blankets are dry cleaning friendly as the chemicals used in the dry cleaning worsen the quality and wires inside the blanket.