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How To Make Your Catering Business Environmentally Friendly?

Disposables can be a significant pollutant in the nearby lakes, oceans and even landfills. While they're an integral element of any catering company Consider making the following modifications to the serving ware you use.

Incorporate Biodegradable Disposables

Biodegradable paper products and eco-friendly catering supplies are a sustainable made alternative to plastic products. They are not just green, but they also offer a trendy, rustic look and feel.

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Choose disposables made of PET plastic which is biodegradable, and easily recycled. Choose bamboo bowls and utensils. As opposed to other wood products bamboo is a plentiful plant. Additionally, bamboo materials are biodegradable.

Change to Reusable Tableware

Switching out disposable napkins, tablecloths, and flatware to reuse tableware is environmentally-friendly and a great option for high-end catering events. Tablecloths and napkins made from cloth can be used for elegant weddings and banquets, luncheons, and cocktail hours. If you have space to clean dishes and linens, avoiding the use of disposables is the most sustainable choice.

Make a beverage station

Instead of giving guests individual soda cans or water bottles Set up a drink station instead. Make use of reusable drink dispensers to reduce the use of plastic bottles that can be recycled. 

This sustainable alternative can give you more variety when it comes to the food you serve. For instance, you could mix drinks like lemonade or tea with fresh herbs and fruits.