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A Quick Guide to Different Machinery Used in Construction Works

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Construction is a vast field and no single machine can serve the variety of jobs covered in the area. That’s why various kinds of earth-moving machines are available to accomplish distinct tasks like grading soil, digging trenches, laying foundations, and removing rocks/dirt. Here’s a quick list of different machinery used in the construction industry.

  • Backhoe Loaders: This includes a shovel attached to the front and a bucket at the rear. The backhoe loader is available in medium size and can be used for several applications like placing pipes, lifting materials, excavation works, and filling up trenches.
  • Excavators: This is a heavy machine with a long arm, a base cabin, and a bucket attachment. The operator handles the excavator from the base cabin that can rotate 360-degree. It is extensively used at big and small construction sites. Its applications include heavy lifting, mining, landscaping, demolition, dredging, and excavation.
  • Skid-steer Loaders: It’s a small-sized tire-mounted machine that can skid its axis. Being widely used in space-constrained sites, the machine offers a better grip on mud and snow. This loader can be used for a huge variety of applications like moving snow or mud, compacting soil, lifting loads, excavation works, and drilling holes.
  • Bulldozers: Common bulldozer application includes moving a mountainous amount of soil or dirt from open and big construction sites. Apart from this, it is also used for fine grading, removing or crushing rocks, and rough grading. It has a big metal plate on the front with up/down movement restricted to a particular depth or an angle range attached to it.

If you aren’t sure what equipment would be right for your project, you can get advice from Brisbane earthmoving professionals.