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Dyslexia And Learning About Dyslexia Schools

If your child has academic difficulties and you suspect it might be something more, you may want to screen for dyslexia. 

This article will provide more information before you worry about your child’s academic future. This article will provide information about how to test dyslexia that can help your child to overcome it.

Take a quick survey to get started

Online assessment is possible. There are many websites that provide quick assessments. You should answer honestly and based on your observations. These surveys will give you information about your child’s learning strengths, weaknesses, and severity. These assessments are usually confidential, so you don’t need to reveal any personal information.

Learn More About Formal Testing

This learning disability can be diagnosed at any age. A complete assessment includes a comprehensive medical, family, educational, and developmental history. It should include information about language, memory, hearing, vision, reasoning, and auditory processing. 

A test that evaluates oral language skills in reading and writing is also included. This assessment also includes tests that assess basic reading, writing, spelling, math skills.

The assessment can be completed in one or more sessions. It takes approximately three hours. It might be a good idea to do it in multiple sessions if the child is young and has a limited attention span.

Who makes this assessment?

All testing will be done by an expert team who have a background in psychology and education. These experts will interpret and evaluate the data.

The experts will assess what is the real problem: reading issues or maybe disorders like Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Learning difficulties can also be caused by disorders such as anxiety, depression, auditory processing dysfunction, or physical impairments.