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Lower Back Pain Treatment to Consider

The lower back region is a complex collection of muscles, ligaments surrounding the spine, nerves, discs, and tissues. There is no specific age for back pain. Most people will experience some type of back pain at some point in their life. The back has the important function of providing structural support, movement, and protection.

Below are some of the main causes of back pain.

(1) Lumbar strain: Ligaments, tendons, or muscles are overstretched and cause pain. This type of pain is usually the result of overuse, improper use, or trauma/accident.

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(2) Nerve irritation: Nerves passing through the lower lumbar region can be irritated by mechanical impact, disease, and inflammation caused by viral infections.

(3) Bone and joint pain: Lower lumbar pain is the result of congenital causes (present from birth due to spinal curvature or abnormal spinal architecture), age-related degeneration of bones and joints, injury (eg, fractures), and inflammation of the joints. In extreme cases, the pain in the back can be caused by a tumor.

Low back pain can be acute and chronic. 

Pain lasting less than 3 months is considered acute, pain lasting more than 3 months is chronic. Treatment of low back pain in acute cases is mainly a self-medication method. Stay active even if you are sick and take painkillers. 

Lying in bed for long periods of time can actually make low back pain worse. If you have any concerns, always consult with your doctor or therapist, as research shows that understanding back pain can actually help you better manage your pain.