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Canvas Printing Online – Some Simple Pointers

Ordering a canvas print is not as straightforward as you might think and there are a number of Items of importance that you should pay heed of.

Image Quality

Given that canvas prints are much larger than your average photo print you must consider the quality of the image you intend to have printed. You can also buy best canvas print online from Claudio Fiori.

Some companies provide online tools, others will check the quality of the image once you have placed your order and some I'm sure will simply process your order. Quality of materials

When ordering a canvas it is wise to check the quality of materials being used. Firstly you should check that the frame is made with artists stretcher bars. These will have rounded edges to prevent canvas cracking, mitre joints and corner keys to allow the canvas to be retensioned as it has a natural tendency to stretch and sag over time. Secondly the quality of the canvas being used.

Better quality canvas provides archival properties whereas cheaper canvases can deteriorate and yellow over time. Also will the canvas be veneered? Although purists prefer a natural finish most would like their prized canvas to be protected both against fading and abrasion.


Once you have decided on a photo and the size of canvas you want stretched there are still a number of issues to address. The first is what wrap you would like (i.e. the top/bottom/sides of the frame), should it be left unprinted, do you want the photo wrapped around the canvas or perhaps a mirror effect?

The next issue is that most photos will require some cropping to ensure the best composition. You may then desire further editing or effects. All of these bring us to the topic of proofs.

In short the order process for a canvas should not be instant and turned around in no time at all, there should be close communication between both parties. The supplier should take care to ensure that the canvas you receive is exactly as you would wish. After all, you want to enjoy it for years to come.