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Repairs To Residential Water Heaters

Cold morning, an early alarm, and a hot shower… Oh no, not hot water. What do you do now? Before you decide that you'll need new water heaters, It might be beneficial to consider a few options that could solve your issue.

Problems with Your Electric Hot Tank for Water

The first thing to look is for water leaks or standing in the vicinity of the water heater. If water is over the flooring, do not touch or get in. Shut off all breakers at your house and contact an emergency plumber for water heater repair

If there is no indication of leaks is evident, inspect for electrical circuit breakers or the fuse box. If both are functioning The next thing to check would be to check the control panel. If water is in the panel, open it and contact the repair center immediately. 

If your compartment has dried out, you can try hitting the reset button. If the button is clicked and the power is restored, you're in the clear (at the very least for now). If not, it's the perfect time to schedule a repair. Most reset and breakers will not trip without reason, so think of this as an early warning sign that you could require service quickly.