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Reasons Why Thick Wall Foam Cooler Ice Chests Are Better

If you’re looking to take advantage of the Summer and Spring season or simply require an effective storage container for fishing and other outdoor pursuits, having a cooler made of foam or ice chest is a cost-effective method of keeping beverages, food or even fish and seafood caught cold when you’re enjoying yourself. But, when deciding which one to purchase, choosing the wrong one can result in a major disappointment as well as food spoilage. You can also navigate to www.pacificalliedproducts.com/foam-packaging/ to get foam coolers in Hawaii.

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If you are deciding between the less expensive thinner wall versions (also called “promotional coolers”) as well as the thick-walled varieties (popularly called “ice chests”) Be careful not to think that the savings in cash of the less expensive thin-wall model convince you that you’re receiving the best deal.

If you’re looking to enjoy a stress-free time and save money over the long term be sure to stay clear of the foam coolers with thin walls (although they are appealing) and invest just a bit more to buy a more expensive thick-walled foam icebox that is comparable to the types of shipping coolers made of foam that are employed by meat and seafood shippers. It’s true that they’ll cost you a couple of dollars, but they’re well worth the cost due to the three main reasons.

Thick-Wall Ice Chests are More Durable

There’s nothing that can ruin a trip to the beach or at the park more than having a flimsy plastic cooler that’s flimsy and weak, collapses and breaks off while you’re trying to transport loads of iced-down food items from your car to the beach or camping place.