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The Best Go-To Fitness Boot Camp Workouts

It takes planning and preparation to run a successful fitness Bootcamp class. You must keep the exercises fresh and interesting to keep your clients coming back month after month.

It doesn't matter what type of workout you do, whether it be time, interval, circuit, partner, or other, it is important to remember your "go-to" exercises.

A "Go-To"  boot camp exercise will make a boot camp experience more seamless than one that is too choppy or has too many "breaks" while instructors regroup or reorganize.

These are some "go-to” exercises that can be used for:

1. Transitioning from one part of the workout to the next.

2. Can be used as a "filler" if you have extra time at any point during the workout.

3. Can be used as a backup exercise if you can't recall the intended exercise.

4. Can be given to faster campers while they wait for others to finish.

You can use these exercises for any reason that you choose, provided they take only a few minutes and challenge larger muscles. You won't be straining any muscle groups that you might want to target in class.

Always have a plan in place before you arrive at class. Do not try to "find it" along the journey. Your campers will be satisfied as long as you are able to deliver results! These exercises will keep your boot camp running smoothly.