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Essential Maintenance and Boiler Service

When considering the comfort of your home, you need to think carefully that it is at a comfortable temperature. You'll also want access to plenty of hot water to keep your house, yourself, and clothes clean. 

It all depends on how good your boiler is and how efficient it is in providing the heat needed for both. To keep your boiler in good condition, you need to consider how often you maintain your boiler. You can opt for good boiler care plans via https://yourheat.co.uk/care-plan-pricing/.

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A gas boiler is probably the most common way to heat a home and provide hot water. Therefore, you need to find a good boiler service technician who is a registered gas safe and has a good knowledge of the boiler you have.

Boilers must be serviced by a qualified gas safety technician and to keep the boiler operating optimally, annual boiler maintenance is recommended. This is best done in late summer or fall before main heating is needed for the colder months. 

If your heating system is new, an inspection of the boiler may be sufficient to uncover any defects that might require more attention to keep the boiler in optimal condition and avoid problems at the wrong time. 

Boiler service technicians can be very busy during winter and it can be difficult to find an available technician on short notice. If so, you may be shivering and your house will be damp and cold for a while before someone is ready to deal with the problem.