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Leather Watch Straps Guide

The origins of the leather watch strap are a bit murky, but they’ve been seen as early as the 1880s on the wrists of British soldiers during the Anglo-Burmese War.

They're stylish and timeless and are an excellent way to carry the look of a watch that you wear during the morning into the evening. You can contact straps.no for beste skinnklokkeremmer (In English "best leather watch straps”).

Artificial Vs Genuine

Actual genuine leathers, such as top-grain or full-grain are of a higher standard and distinguished by a more natural imperfect grain if you take a close look. Genuine leathers also get treated using oils.

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Faux leathers, however, are greener and also less expensive. They're also much more durable because they don't store moisture or scratch.

Leather Watch Strap Styles

Rally Strap

Auto-racing, as well as diving and aviation, have always been designed and redesigned within the watch industry. No strap represents this more than the Rally.

The Rally strap's most distinctive features are the perforations large on either side. They were initially put in place to make the same appearance as the race gloves of the 1960s. They were perforated to allow air circulation.


A NATO is weaved into the spring bars to ensure that watches between them are quicker than typical two-piece straps. They sport a distinctly military-inspired look and give an edgy look which even James Bond couldn't resist.

Zulu straps are similar to a bigger version of NATOs. They are heavier and come with larger hardware.