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Understanding the Different Kinds of Custom Suits

Designers, big brands, warehouses, and customers used to dominate the landscape, with well-dressed men of all sizes flocking to old-world tailors who made custom-made costumes for each individual. As time went by and the advent of mass production, became the norm, finding these masters became more and more difficult. Today, most Americans still wear suits, although most are ready-made and available at many retailers, ranging in price from “budget” to “obscene.”

Americans tend to avoid suits because of misconceptions about overspending and pretense. Especially in tough economic times, suits have become a symbol of added value and are no longer of value. As ready-to-wear suits continue to dominate the market and fully satisfy the need for instant gratification, more and more consumers are realizing the value that custom suits offer with perfect fit and quality craftsmanship.

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Understanding these terms is an important part of getting the best value for your clothes. The bottom line is… understanding these terms will help you get the most out of what you pay for.

Custom Costume

Bespoke is the highest level of individual costumes. This process has remained unchanged for over a hundred years and was the most correct form of sewing in the ancient world. Today it is only available through expert tailors and usually costs around $5,000 (up to $40,000).

How to tell if you actually got a suit:

Customization is done personally by the master tailor or the model

The clothes are assembled using garden robes. A lubricated Garment is a garment with loose seams for easy modification. Fitted garments are usually made from inexpensive fabrics, allowing errors and corrections to be made without damaging the fabric selected by the customer.