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Top Tips for Safe and Proper Disposal of Asbestos

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Are you planning a demolition or renovation project that involves asbestos? You need to be extra careful during and after the job as the debris may also contain fibrous material. Also, accidental release of asbestos can cause health problems to other people nearby that may consume it unknowingly. This guide covers some tips that will help you dispose of the fibrous material properly and safely.

Phase 1: Starting the Work

Before beginning the journey, you should know the destination.

  • Check for available sites and dumps that allow asbestos disposal. Also, ask for any specific requirements like special bags.
  • Use the right safety gear such as eyewear, double-strapped masks, and gloves among others. Also ask children, co-workers, and others involved to do the same.
  • Install safety signs and ask those not involved to stay away from the area till the job is done.
  • Don’t use heating and air conditioning.

Phase 2: While Removing Asbestos

Having an asbestos management plan is great but in case you don’t have one, follow these tips:

  • Use heavy-duty plastic under the infected material to avoid fibres escaping to the ground and cover the entire area with plastic.
  • Spray water on the contaminated items to reduce spread to the air.

Phase 3: Transportation and Disposal

  • Wrap the sheets, seal the items, and put items in disposal bags with labels.
  • Stack the bags one over the other to ensure nothing slides or slips during the movement.
  • Use a wet cloth to clean the area. Then, put the cloth and all the protective gear in another labelled disposal bag.

The best approach is to let asbestos testing Newcastle professionals do the job for minimum risk and maximum safety.