Spotlight on a Customized Hydraulic Press

A customized hydraulic press has been dancing around the fabricating industry for many years. Tailored to specific needs, the features and options of each press are chosen by the user to perform a specific application such as blanking, coining, compression molding, forming, punching, or stamping. You can know more about hydraulic press online via


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Each customer becomes part of the design team, working with the machine tool builder to incorporate the speeds, bed size, tonnage, stroke, and any specialty options to best meet production goals.

Choosing hydraulics over mechanical operations provides the additional benefits of minimizing the footprint and reducing the overall investment. Hydraulics allow the generation of high forces in a compact area, reducing the overall structure and mechanism required for support of the force actuators.

A mechanical press of the same tonnage is a larger machine requiring significantly more space and upping the initial investment. The number and variety of custom-designed hydraulic presses available at any given time is virtually limitless.

Each machine is the product of a fresh design, making the most recent machine shipped from the manufacturer virtually the newest model.

Additional features of the newest press include a 35-ton capacity, a 30-in. press stroke, and 36-in.-by 36-in. bolsters. Optimum speeds for the application were determined to be 440 ipm on approach, 36 ipm for press and 44 ipm for return. Several design elements work toward time- and labor-saving goals. 

New safety light curtain incorporating a four-corner mirror system eliminates the guards with safety interlocks, increasing productivity while still safeguarding operators.