Smart Ways to Use Business Cards in Networking

You can spend hours designing and printing the perfect business card. It's important to get that step right, but it's all in vain unless you deliver those business cards to the right people in the right way. 

Always keep business cards with you. Keep some in your wallet and even a special card case – it looks professional and keeps them neat in your pocket. Keep an extra box of cards in your car's glove box in case you give more than you expect in a day. The idea is that to be able to deliver as much as possible without ever getting run out would be useful. You can also purchase custom business cards from

Remember that the idea is to exchange business cards instead of just giving your own. You are building a two-way network. So when you meet someone you think would be a good contact, ask for their card first and give yours in return. 

Treat their card with respect – read it briefly and keep it in your wallet or card case carefully. If you think you know other people who might be interested in that person's business, ask for additional cards so you can refer them. They may ask you for more. Give them as many as they want it's the beginning of a good networking relationship.

One tactic to give your cards a better chance of keeping you – hand-write an additional piece of information on the back of the card as you give them – perhaps your personal cellphone number, or an additional website address or email address, something that matches yours. Relevant to the previous conversation. It will act as a memory jogger and make your cards more memorable.

Send a business card with every mail that goes out of your business. This means that existing contacts will have new cards to pass on to others, and you never know who you might reach that way.