Planning A Bathroom Remodel in Perth – DIY or Hire a Pro?

You're inspired by bathroom makeover stories that you see online or on TV and want to make some improvements. You can do a full bathroom remodel yourself, whether you want a complete overhaul, a small makeover, or just a simple update to your space. Find out what upgrades are possible and which tasks should be left to professionals.

When is it time to hire a professional:

Do you need to reconfigure the location of the toilet or shower, bathtub, sink, or tub? It's not easy to relocate or replace plumbing, especially when there is limited access. This job should be left to professionals to ensure that it is done correctly.  Companies like Gun Tiling Perth are there to help you with your complete bathroom wall and floor tile installation that can be guaranteed to stay for the test of time. 


When DIY is a good idea:

Makeover of a vanity

Although it may seem simpler to replace a vanity top than to refinish one, there are simple DIY options that can be done. A modern, contemporary sink top can be purchased to match the existing base.

While the top is being removed, you can update the finish with paint (gel stain) or gel stain. Gel stain is my personal favorite because it transforms the look of builder-basic oak and is easy to apply.

You can get replacement drawer fronts or bevels if the door trim and style don't suit your taste. They are easy to replace because most units come with standard-sized fronts.

Hardware and accessory swaps

It's easy to replace a faucet with a manufacturer. It is important to understand how to turn off and disconnect water and use wrenches to tighten your new faucet.

When it comes to replacing towel racks, have a lightweight joint compound and a spackle knife on hand to fill holes (sand it smooth and touch up the paint after 24 hours). 

Wall hooks can be easily added for robes. If you are unable to place screws in a stud use wall anchors.

A simple knob or drawer pull swap can update the appearance of a cabinet.