Options for Melasma Treatment im Charlotte

Melasma will be described as a condition where the skin began to lose colour. It is also called the mask of pregnancy because it is a skin condition that commonly occurs during pregnancy and affects the facial skin. Almost 90% of the patients here are women, the problem prevails more among women with naturally darker skin; This includes people from India, the Middle East and Asia.

Melasma occurs when some part or patches of facial skin turn darker than the others. Darker patches are commonly seen around the cheeks, forehead, lips and nose. Although this condition could not be life-threatening; more often than not patients prefer to get back their skin to a normal state of skin pigmentation. Due to constant research and science, there is more than one method of melasma treatment in Charlotte available today.

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Melasma Treatment Methods

The initial treatment of Melasma will include a combination of sunscreen and bleaching creams. Such as when the skin is exposed to sunlight, the condition is only worsened and it will be important to use sunblock that is really strong and therefore lightening cream will work. Almost all doctors will recommend a product that has a minimum SPF of 30.

There is a variety of bleaching creams that are available for patients to choose from. Some of these contain tretinoin or hydroquinone. Many products sometimes combine both sunscreen and bleaching agents that make them a valuable tool to act as a treatment for Melasma. The last resort used to lessen pigmentation for the skin are Laser treatments; but only if the condition is really bad.