Know About Why Do Dogs Need Enrichment?

Dog enrichment toys are interactive toys that can change your pup. These enrichment toys keep your puppies away from boredom. They will also help him feel physical, mentally, and emotionally satisfied. Before choosing dog enrichment toys, whatever you go with is suitable for your dog. Before buying a dog enrichment toy for your furry friend, know why dogs need enrichment?

Dog enrichment toys are interactive dog toys that will challenge your pup, ensure he is having fun, and that he isn’t bored. 

The purpose of the enrichment is to provide a sense of control over the environment. The purpose of enrichment is to reduce stress in dogs and to reinforce socialization practices. There are 5 types of enrichment possible for dogs in kennels: Social, nutritional, occupational, sensory, and physical.

Nutritional enrichment can be:

  • Hiding food to challenge the dog and encourage them to search for food
  • offers Puzzle feeders.
  • Healthy dog treats
  • Licking mats
  • Alternating chewable items

Monitor your dog the first time he engages with the enrichment toy so you can make sure he’s happy and having fun. You can always ask your veterinarian or dog trainer for recommendations for toys to make and buy as well. These enrichment toys will make mealtime more fun and you can do some dog training while you’re at it!