How to Make a Good Whiteboard Video

Many people are now becoming more aware of whiteboard animation. Over the internet, there are dozens of videos you can watch on the whiteboard animation and they use this medium to promote their businesses, creating public awareness, or simply for entertainment. Whatever the main reason may be, it does create a whiteboard animation great success in keeping people well informed for a typical strategy on delivering the facts and at the same time.

But you may be wondering how this exciting medium is being done? You might imagine taking whiteboard markers and draw something on the board and you’re set. Well, not quite, It will take more than just the procedure to get something accomplished or say, you will need more to make a presentation encouraging. Whiteboard video takes time to complete depending on how long the project will be.

Doing animated whiteboard, you need to prepare your whiteboard, whiteboard markers, erasers, digital camera, tripod and computer. Let’s start with the drawing process and captures what you draw on the animation board. Let’s say you have a segment where new plants will grow. To have a developmental effect, you need to draw the first shoots out of the ground and then take a snapshot of it.

Soon after that, use the eraser to make some adjustment on the image after taking another snapshot, then add leaves and once again take another snapshot. So basically, if you change anything in the picture you need to take a snapshot, but you must be consistent in using the circulation of your work and set your camera in a stable position.