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You must have legal authorization to work in the US to be legally employed as an employee. Diplomats and green card holders, who are legal permanent citizens and legally authorized to work in the US, get almost all the same benefits as US citizens. The US government allows diplomats to work in the US, but they do not require us to have work permits. You can also hire a legal work permit lawyer via many web sources.

The H-1B visa or L-1 visa is the most popular work permit in the United States. However, not all white-collar executives are authorized to work in the United States. The Employment Authorization Document, which is legally known as an L-1 visa or H-1B visa, can be obtained in many ways. If you are an asylum seeker, refugee, or investor, the employer can issue you in a visa lottery program.

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Let's dive into the details to see how the different ways to get a US work visa work, employers can sponsor you to work in the US as a foreign citizen. This is called a petition for non-immigration. After satisfying certain conditions, it can be used to obtain a green card.

The H1-B, which is for three years and can be extended up to six years, is the most common time-limited visa an employee can sponsor. The intra-company transfer visa and the L-1 visa are only available to employees who have been transferred to the US office.

The category E investor and trade visa is considered the gateway to the green card. Treaties with the US allow foreign investors to trade and invest in the US They are granted the e-Visa, another US visa that allows foreigners to work in the US The program of Visa lottery is another way to obtain a US work visa. Citizens of low-immigration countries can apply, while the State Department randomly selects 50,000 applicants for the visa. There are no convictions or criminal records, and you are not required to be a drug offender or criminal. Each of the 50,000 selected applicants is eligible for a green card to work and live in the United States.