Forklift Safety Begins With A Daily Check

Forklift safety begins with an inspection of the equipment before use. For each shift that the equipment is in use, an inspection needs to be made. Obvious defects can be found from a quick visual inspection of the forklift.

Let’s Begin with the tyres. Check are they in good shape? In the case of pneumatic tyres, are they sufficiently inflated to hold the weight that is to be carried? An air pressure gauge may be required to ensure the proper pressure, but excessive air loss can be noted visually. To know more about forklift tyres, visit

  • Next, test the lights for proper illumination. If your forklift is equipped with brake lights or signal lights, test them as well.
  • Test the brakes for pedal height and holding power. Also, check the parking or emergency brake.
  • Look at the lift chains, cables, forks, and mast assembly and take note of any abnormal wear, cracks, or breaks. Check for proper lubrication of the lift assembly.
  • Ensure that the forklift is clean and free of grease, oil, lint, or paper dust. Accumulations of these materials can easily start a fire on the lift.

Be sure to note any other defects to avoid accidents and mishappening in the workplace. If any defects are noted in the inspection, then repairs must be arranged before using the forklift.