Create an Appealing Back for Your Business Card

Brisbane commercial printer

A business card is a small piece of paper that not only tells the other party about your business but also puts a light on how creative you are. While the front mostly contains details about your business or your contact details, the backside is where you can add some uniqueness. Follow these tips to make the backside of your business card deliver a better visual appeal.

  • Choose Simplicity: That’s the key to an effective design, especially when being printed on a small size. The first thing you should keep in mind is that it’s a business card that carries information snippets and not a brochure loaded with data. Thus, you should focus on a simple design and minimal text that defines nothing except you and your brand.
  • Blank but not White: While the front carries all the contact details, you can use the backside to show your skills. You can leave it blank or add some unique texture or design. But you shouldn’t leave it white as it might depict a lack of ideas or innovation.
  • Share a Tip: If you can’t come up with a design idea for the backside, you can use an evergreen tip on the space. However, the tip should relate to what you do and what you intend to deliver as that would help make a better connection with the other party.
  • Add a Coupon: You might have seen coupon cards around. That’s what you can use to attract walk-ins and promote your brand details on one card. Use the front for business details and the back for a redeemable coupon code.

Social accounts, color alternates, and business location are other ideas you can use to add value to your card’s backside. It’s advised to discuss with your commercial printer in Brisbane for more ideas before finalizing a thing.