Common Types Of Braces Used Today

If you are in need of braces for your mouth, this article will help you identify the most popular types of braces used today. Each type is explained along with its pros so that you can decide which option will work best for you and make an informed choice. You can navigate this site for more information about common types of braces. 

Braces are a common treatment for many different types of conditions. Here are the five most common types of braces used today:

1. Strapping braces: These braces are made out of straps that are attached to your teeth. They help to correct crooked teeth and they also support your teeth during the healing process.

2. Fixed braces: These braces stay in place with metal supports. They are often used to correct mismatches or gaps in your teeth.

3. Invisalign: This type of brace uses clear, custom-made aligners that you wear at home. The aligners move your teeth into their proper positions without requiring any general anesthesia or surgery.

4. Full dentures: If you have lost all of your teeth due to decay or trauma, full dentures may be the best option for you. Full dentures replace all of the missing teeth with artificial teeth that look, feel, and sound like natural teeth.

5. Dental bridges: Dental bridges are a type of partial denture that replaces two or more missing teeth with a single artificial tooth. Dental bridges can be either fixed or removable.

Braces are a common treatment for orthodontic problems. There are five most common types of braces used today: fixed brace, removable aligner, clear braces, mini brace, and dynamic brace.